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branding & packaging

BUILDables Play Sets & Toys was my final project designed as a senior at Johnson & Wales. This final project was to brand and design packaging for model houses created by the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) underclassmen. 

My partner, Yaja' Mulcare, and I branded a fictitious toy company named BUILDables, both creating our own brand iterations initially. I combined our ideas to create the final logo. I then went on to create a brand pattern based off of our logo. 


Yaja' was in charge of the character design, furniture design, and it's packaging. I was in charge of the play set packaging and instruction booklet. Yaja's characters are featured throughout my instructional booklet and as well as on my packaging. 

I chose to add activities and coloring pages within my instructional booklet so the kids interact more with the entire product.  Facts about the architecture of the house are included as well. Activities included a maze, cross word, word search and so on. 

At the end, our class along with the CAD students got the chance to meet the kids these were designed for and gift them each a house, a character pack, and a furniture pack.

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