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branding & packaging

BUILDables Play Sets & Toys was my final project designed as a senior at Johnson & Wales. This project purpose was to brand and design packaging for model houses created by the CAD (Computer-Aided Design) underclassmen. 

My partner, Yaja' Mulcare, and I branded a fictitious toy company as BUILDables, both creating our own brand iterations. I combined our ideas to create the final logo. I also went on to create a brand pattern based off of our logo. 


Yaja' was in charge of the character design, furniture design, and it's packaging. I was in charge of the play set packaging and instruction booklet. Yaja's characters are featured throughout my instructional booklet and as well as on my packaging. 

I chose to add activities and coloring pages within my instructional booklet so the kids interact more with the entire product. My design is educational too, as I added in facts about the architecture of the house. Activities included a maze, cross word, word search and so on. 

At the end, our class along with the CAD students got to meet the kids these were designed for and gift them each a house, a character pack, and a furniture pack.