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A COVID Response
City of Providence


a complete Communications package


The COVID pandemic seemingly halted the world, starting around March 2020. Our work environment went from an in-office job from 8:30AM to 4:30PM to one completely remote, with staggered work hours for a brief period. Any projects I was working were cancelled or changed drastically.


My workload was replaced solely with COVID content. As the Communication's Office for the Mayor's Office and the City in Providence in whole, we had a constant flow of products to create and information to share to the community. For print media, we created anything from one-pagers and flyers to projects like door hangers, large banners, stickers and more. On the digital side, we created anything such as web pages, social media packages, ads and gifs. The vast majority of all designed content was available in English and Spanish, with some projects having three or more languages listed.


This became the regular work day for months until vaccinations were well available to everyone and Providence City Hall achieved a 92% employee vaccination rate. Even into current day, telecommuting is still offered for some positions, including mine. 



social media campaign

#MaskUpPVD is a graphic-intensive social media series promoting the usage of facemasks (worn by RI role models) to Providence residents and beyond. With bold text, vibrant colors, and a retro, half-tone design, these graphics were made to be eye-catching and easily understood. The people are all known in the Providence and Rhode Island communities, as well as the Big Blue Bug and Roger Williams Park Zoo. The collaborative aspect was an important key to expanding our reach on social media through shares. The masks had to be edited onto each person excluding BIG NAZO and the Big Blue Bug.


Below is a feature of the MaskUpPVD campaign and these graphics on The Rhode Show, a segment on a Rhode Island news channel. 

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