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FUMé et SALé

subscription box & packaging

Fumé et Salé Charcuterie was designed for a subscription box project. I chose to go out of my comfort zone and create a project that heavily relied on food photography. 

The project perimeters included a brand, subscription box and a website. Branding the items within the subscription box was optional, but I chose to go this path for a more cohesive package. Fumé et Salé is French for 'smoked and salted,' and I chose this because of charcuterie's French origins. 

Overall, the subscription box includes a wooden storage box with a cutting board lid and 9 food items. There was paper shreds to fill the empty space. Hypothetically, ice packs would also be included. A set of 4 cheese knives were also intended to be included, but they had been lost in shipping.