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reviews and testimonials

The City of Providence Mayor's Office has an Employee Appreciation Bucket. Anyone can anonymously submit comments and compliments for someone who deserves recognition. Here are some that I received during my time working for the City of Providence.

Emily absolutely kills it with every single design request. Even with little feedback, she creates consistent masterpieces and we are so lucky to have her.

Emily's graphics are better than anyone's I have ever seen!

Emily Snow for always keeping the City's docs and graphics looking sharp and professional!

Emily Snow - great team player and always willing to help! Best graphic designer in the Rhode Island and we are lucky to have her apart of the team!

Emily’s talent through design is breathtaking. I wish I had her skills!

Emily Snow- Emily has effortlessly brought her own style to the City's brand. It's been a pleasure to see her expand what we can do with the visual representation of the City of Providence.

Emily Snow - you're very talented and diligent!

Emily Snow because her designs are so beautiful and so impactful that agencies all over the state are clearly inspired by her style! Impressed by her boundless creativity!

Emily Snow is extremely talented and we are so fortunate to have her as the City's graphic designer!

Emily Snow... for her creativity, flexibility, and incredible eye!! 

Thank you to Emily Snow who puts amazing work together and has the patience to work with us through the best graphically designed document. So thankful to work with you every day!

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